Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Classic Flat Cap

One of my new favorite hats to wear, especially in cooler weather is the flat cap, or the Irish cap. They are comfortable, warm and do a wonderful job keeping the rain off you.

They can come in many shapes and sizes from the basic flat cap to the puffy and somewhat larger newboy cap, these hats are truly an original and in my opinion making a come back.

Maybe it is perceptual vigilance, but I seem to be seeing these everywhere. They are dressier than a ball cap, but not quite so high and might as a fedora, bowler, or stetson, other hats that are appropriate for various forms of dress.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The Absinthe Dreams

I've finally tried Absinthe. I guess because it was because I was somewhat frightened by the stories, maybe I was a bit put off by it's price; a starter bottle can begin at $40 or more, on par with a single malt. I was reluctant to purchase something that costs that much and have it be nothing more than expensive Jaegermeister.

I had the opportunity to sample some at Devon Seafood Grill in Hershey. It was more than I expected. I know that the effects of Absinthe being hallucinogenic are well over played, but there is something to this green liquor. It does get you drunk, but it is a different sort of drunk. Without having a common experience it would be hard to describe how exactly the drink affects you. You are drunk, but not sluggish like with beer or cloudy headed as in bourbon.

It is a pleasant drunk feeling, somewhat light headed with heightened awareness.

Oh, and it gives you totally crazy dreams.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wearing Bow Ties

As the name of this blog suggests, part of what is talked about here is Bow ties, though I hope this blog becomes so much more than that. But bow ties are something that men do not wear much anymore. Usually regulated to academics, conservative pundits, and Dr. Who, I sincerely hope they make a comeback.

More so than just bow ties, I hope true style comes back.  Not that I'm the most stylish person. I still struggle with matching ties and shirts to my suits. I still lounge around in sweats on the weekends and love jeans and t-shirts.

Two shows on television now show style of a bygone era. AMC's Madmen is the gold standard for the return of suits, skinny tines, and sharp dressed men and women. HBO's Boardwalk Empire shows the era of dressing to the nines. Both are somewhat idealized, but you have to concede that looking at pictures from those eras you see more men in suits and fedoras than not.

When I dress in suits people often ask me, "Why are  you dressed up?".
"Well," I answer, "Because I want to"

No one dressed up anymore. People don't know how to tie a tie. The haberdashery is a thing of the past, save for a few holdout, including where I buy most of my suits.

The aim of this blog to to discuss style in a practical manner. To talk about how busy people in a modern time can still dress nice.

Comments are welcome and I hope you enjoy the dicussion!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

You should be wearing bow ties

ABC has a great article on why YOU should be wearing bow ties.
Read the article here

I wear a bow tie, sometimes. I like the look. I also like any nice dress look. I love suits, shirts and ties, pocket squares and fedoras. People do not dress nicely anymore, and I hate it.